Digital technology for insurance companies

@SEGURA is the solution for managing agency networks and client portfolios

@SEGURA It is the solution created by Adding Technology for companies and mutual insurers to digitally manage their network of agencies and their client portfolios, efficiently and quickly, as required by the new digital age.

Traditional insurers are obliged to innovate due to the entry of new agents in the market, such as online insurance comparators, so these companies have to adapt their activity to new customer habits and the great digital competition that exists.


Easy to use.

Designed in a simple and easy-to-use web environment, it facilitates all the work tasks of the staff of insurance companies, which increases the productivity of employees and, therefore, results in the achievement of objectives and in the increase of benefits.


Immediate access to information.

It allows networking and immediate access to all the information related to an insurance policy: budgets, subscriptions and renewals, receipt management, claims, customer profile…


Complete solution.

The application is structured in 9 interconnected modules that cover all the labor areas of an insurer, so that complementary tools are not necessary: ​​Infrastructure Control, Security, Agency network, Product, Subscription, Receipt Management, Provisions, Customer Service, Information and Statistics, Suppliers and Reinsurance.



Allows language selection.


Statistics management

It allows obtaining statistics and managing them in Office tools such as Excel.