Digital transformation
of roadside assistance

@ssistance is the global app for crane companies
and insurance companies.


At Adding Technology we have developed the digital solution for claims management and roadside assistance. Accessible from any device and easy to use, both for assistance companies and drivers, @ssistance saves time and costs and works anywhere in the world.


Instant access to all information.

@ssistance centralizes the information of the assistance company and the driver and keeps it unified and updated permanently, thanks to its Command Center (SCORECARD RSA). Quick access to all data facilitates the work of the assistance company, the insurance company, the expert and the workshop.

It is integrated with telephony software, so that the calls received in the call center are directed to the creation or search for assistance.

assistance towing


Locate the injured driver and towings.

@ssistance communicates the exact position of driver requesting assistance and towins, through Google Maps, in order to assign provision of the service to the nearest one. In turn, the driver knows the position of the crane that will assist him at all times. The assistance company increases its responsiveness and avoids drivers from unnecessary waiting.

Assistance solución de Adding Technology para grúas


Choice of device and ease use.

Access @ssistance through smartphone, tablet or computer. The driver who needs assistance can also choose a device and communicate the claim through a mobile application, by phone, SMS, email, Skype, among other channels. @assistance is easy to use and allows you to choose a language. The latest in technology for assistance and towing businesses.

Assistance solución de Adding Technology para grúas


Towing RSA, for the assistance company, and Get RSA, for private drivers

@ssistance has two specific apps, one for assistance companies and the other for drivers, ensuring that each party accesses exclusively the information that interests them and to which they are authorized.

TOWING RSAis the application developed by Adding Technology for assistance and towing companies. It makes work easier for managers of assistance companies and their employees:

  • Updated information of assistances.
  • Position of towing operator in the central system.
  • It allows taking pictures of the accident.

GET RSA is the application designed by Adding Technology for drivers. They face a breakdown or accident with the peace of mind of having the situation under control.

  • Allows the user to request assistance and report the problem.
  • Communicate position of towing to driver.
  • Enable to check status of request and receive notifications.


Works anywhere in the world.

Adding Technology’s @ssistance solution has global coverage and is multilingual. Be more competitive and take benefit of its advantages anywhere on the planet.


Allows you to attach photographs and videos of the incident.

@ssistance It allows to attach photographs, sketches and videos of vehicle damage, as well as documentation related to the accident, which speeds up the work of the experts.

Multimedia @assistance

Technology used

androidappleMicrosoft ExplorerGoogle mapsMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft netOracleMicrosoft Share pointMicrosoft SQL Server

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