Request Controlled, productivity increased

Request management is a key process in any company because it helps to plan production to adjust to consumption. Businesses in any sector need to monitor all their requests to know if the human and financial resources they have are enough.

On the way to digital transformation, the digitization of request is one of the most important decisions because it allows to rationalize resources, minimize risks and make correct management decisions, so it must be left to expert hands.

Effectiveness of our digital request management solution is more than proven. It has two workflows: one for the reception of orders and the other for the reception of communications of incidents related to products or services. In this way, more operational planning is achieved and, therefore, greater productivity.

In addition, the end user can know at any time, through the Internet, the status of their request or incident, so that a better service is provided


Activity Reports

Microsoft Project Server

Link to Microsoft Project Server, for task planning, which allows better monitoring of each project.

Request Process

Provide predefined processes for software requests, requests to systems, Help Desk.

SharePoint And S3 Buckets

To store documents related to the request.


Interact with the participants’ agenda to include tasks to be done.


Automated workflow management for all kinds of activities, such as requests, interventions ,…