Documentation preserved and accessible in one click

In digital age, all companies, whatever their sector and size, need a good document management system for their proper functioning. Currently, many documents are created (invoices, e-mails, files, payrolls …) in many types of formats (Word, Pdf, Excel …) and, since they work collaboratively, they have to access all that information many more users. In addition, multiple devices are used to access digital documents, such as computers, smartphones, tablets or the cloud, among others.

At Adding Technology we adapt our document management solutions to the specific characteristics and needs of each client, depending on the type of company. We use Microsoft SharePoint Services, or AWS to design our systems, along with tools for creating document templates.

Digitization of document management provides an orderly response to the massive use of new accessibility and mobility technologies and offers a more efficient service to customer. But, without a doubt, the greatest advantage of digital document management is the speed of access to documentation. The digitization of documents favors their preservation and knowledge management, at a time when information is worth its weight in gold.

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