Tr@nsport system, developed by Adding Technology, to offer a digital experience for your customers



TaxiGet - app para clientes de taxi

Customer app

Send service request to central system, with GPS position, type of transport, datetime, etc.


Central system

All services controled by GPS position and status.


Driver app

Centralized sistema assign the vehicle.



Unique design for each company

Customizable to Company Brand, colors, etc


Equipped with a central system to control the entire process

The GFA Tr@nsport, it’s a system developed to manage transport services, fleets and Drivers.

The driver  can be in touch with the costumers and the central using the latest technologies.

This guarantee that the information is unified and updated.  As well  provides a simultaneous communication for all the parts of the service.



Locate the user location.

  • Trace your vehicles at any time.
  • Assign services to closest vehicles.
  • Work with collaborators or customers directly.


Choice of device and system

GFA TR@NSPORT can be used via smartphone, tablet or computer. The App is available for Android and iOS.

Multidispositivo Request Taxi