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Every project needs complete management
to ensure success

Phases and resources of any type of project, controlled with a single application

A unique project management software


At Adding Technology we have created a complete solution that includes all phases of a project. From request management to obtain management information, through project planning and monitoring.

The result of projects execution of a company is usually part of its turnover, or costs, and the result of them is closely linked to the final result of the income statement.

This is one of the reasons why a good project management is very important, and for which a good tool is needed to support each of the processes.

3 element, 1 digital solution


Gestión de la demanda - Gestión de proyectos


  • Configurable workflows
  • Automatic notifications
  • Definition of information
  • Information Distribution
  • Tracing
  • Document management
  • Alerts
  • Document versioning
  • Accessibility from mobile devices
  • 100% customizable

Microsoft project server


  • Unified projects
  • Shared resources
  • A site for each project
  • Web access through PWA


Cuadro de mandos Gestión de proyectos


  • Evolution panels
  • Earned value
  • Intuitive interface


Request management overview


Detail customization

Customization of screens and information to be processed to adjust to needs.

Online link with external systems.

Consultations of request management by different views: in progress, by responsible, by petitioner, by application …

Request details

Basic data: application or service, subject, detailed description.

Request details: date, time, priority.

Receiver data.

Other data: steps taken, tasks, comments, personalized data.


For each request, the history of actions and status it has been going through is stored along with a series of comments that the user can include.

Possibility to attach any type of files to the request.


Unify project management


Microsoft Project Server is the platform that supports the project and resource management and collaboration capabilities of an EPM (Enterprise Project Management) solution.

Integrated with SharePoint Server, it unifies project portfolio and project management so that organizations use resources in the best way that meets business priorities.

Users connect to Project Server to save, retrieve and interact with information, through:

  • Project Professional
  • Project Web Access
Project Professional y Project Web Access

Monitoring report

Project Server - informes de seguimiento

This is a utility that allows you to generate follow-up reports for a specific period.


This report is generated from a Microsoft Word template that is automatically stored on the project’s SharePoint site.

Project portfolio

Project Server_cartera de proyectos

Harmonize vision and work to prioritize initiatives, select optimal project portfolios, and deliver business strategy.

Project site

Project Server _ Site de proyectos

Each project has a Site where all the information is centralized.

Templates can be designed for each type of project.

These templates can contain the appropriate structure to comply with a specific methodology such as PMBOK, PRINCE2 … with their templates, guides, etc. The capabilities of a document manager, MOSS, are integrated

Part of hours

project server_horas

Access to My tasks and Timesheet facilitates the knowledge of the tasks assigned in the period and subsequently make the imputations of dedication to each of the tasks.


All planning tools

Microsoft Project Professional is used by administrators to plan projects, make resource assignments from a central resource repository, and save information centrally for sharing with the organization.

It perfectly interacts with all Project Server functionalities such as deliverable management, document management, risk management, problems…


Collaborative work

Project Web Access is the web portal that allows you to share and manage all the information stored in Project Server.

From the portal you can access to resource center, project center, know the assigned tasks, make imputations to assigned tasks, manage risks and problems, original request file and system administration.

The information is accessible depending on the role identified in the system, executive, project manager, team member, etc.





Detailed analysis to make right decisions

Two dashboards, one particular for each project and another general for use by the PMO.
One or multiple projects can be selected and indicators of time, costs, risks and problems, deliverables, changes in scope, quality, availability of resources or project ranking are obtained.

control de mandos

Technology used

androidappleMicrosoft ExplorerGoogle mapsMicrosoft WindowsMicrosoft netOracleMicrosoft Share pointMicrosoft SQL Server

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