Ordering a taxi has never been so easy

The complete digital solution covering all aspects of running a taxi business.

The latest generation software for taxis

TAXI REQ  is the mobile application, developed by Adding Technology,for taxi associations and companies to offer a new service to their digital customers.
In a world in which almost everything can be done through a smartphone, having to call a phone to order a taxi is out of date, that’s why we have created TAXI REQ.



TaxiGet - app para clientes de taxi

Taxi user app

Communicates the taxi service request to the central system, including the position, type of taxi, date and time, etc.


Taxi driver app

The taxi driver is assigned from the central server according to the allocation algorithm and notifications are sent and received.


Central control

Control of all services with location and status. Position control of taxis and stops. Assignment of services according to zones and timing.


Unique design for each company

The application is personalized with the corporate colors and logos of each taxi company, making it an exclusive service and easily recognizable by users.

Personalización de Request taxi


Equipped with a centralized system to control the entire process

The user and professional taxi applications are integrated with a centralized system that covers all aspects of the service, from the registration of the taxi driver and passengers to the creation of services.


Sistema central de Request Taxi


Find the location of the user and the taxi

TAXI REQ communicates exact position of passenger requesting the service, being displayed on Google Maps, in order to assign the closest taxi. In turn, the passenger can see the position of the taxi that is going to pick him up. Thus, taxi companies increase their response capacity and avoid long waits for their customers.


Choice of device and system

TAXI REQ can be used through the smartphone, tablet or computer, both by taxi drivers and taxi service users. The App is available for Android and iOS.

Multidispositivo Request Taxi