Make your IoT based projects real. We connect digital world with real one using electronic components: many kind of sensors, cameras, locks, and many more. Then you can manage them from the cloud using web and mobile applications.

We design, prototype and manufacture circuit boards tailored to your needs.

Add a whole bunch of features to your system!

Interact with the real world depending on your needs, those of the users or what is happening at any moment (taking into account one or more sensors). Save historical data in your database to analyze it at any time and even apply AI to detect patterns and act faster when they appear again.

Bring cloud to real world!

  • Microcontrollers
    • Powerful and multi-core
    • Single-core and low-power consumption
    • With connectivity features like WiFi or BLE
  • Sensors
    • Thermometers, barometers, humidity Sensors
    • Luminosity
    • Distance (Laser or Ultrasound)
    • Presence sensor
    • Weight
    • Noise
    • Accelerometers
    • Flowmeter
    • Energy
  • Actuators
    • Electromagnetic locks
    • Lightning / RGB Indicators
    • Relays to power any kind of electrical devices
    • Buzzers
    • Speakers
    • Fans
    • Valve opening or closing
  • Connectivity
    • LTE, most common used mobile network in the world
    • NB-IoT, based on LTE, allows to connect sensors and devices to a wide coverage mobile network with low power usage.
    • LoRaWAN, low power consumption and wide area network. You can install a router to create your own network or connect to an available network.
    • WiFi, most common way to access the Internet although it is not always available due to low coverage.
    • BLE, for connections between IoT devices or to connect them with mobile phones. It is efficient but it has got low coverage.

Distributed and/or centralized resilient systems.

Tell us what you need, we prototype it, and build it.