A lot is being said these days about monitoring infections from mobile devices.


Geolocation was initially thought of, but ultimately it seems that Bluetooth wins, as it allows “localization” even within buildings, and is primarily based on proximity.

A few years ago, when ibeacon technology was starting to appear, at Adding Technology, we developed a system that resembles what they are now proposing for monitoring the Covid-19. Technologically they use the same, ibeacons, and / or bluethooth, users are detected by proximity, not only between mobile devices, rooms can also be marked with beacon devices, and the system gives warnings depending on the beacons or devices it detects in few meters away.

The functionality of our Bluepush system consists mainly of putting people in the same room in contact. It was mainly intended for events, in which you can share your virtual card with people who are in the same event (room) where you are. The system that Google and Apple is proposing is to hide the identity of those close to you, but dial your device if you test positive for COVID-19, and if any other user of the application is less than a few meters away of any positive, the system will inform.

Our Bluepush, although it was working in the testing phase in various events, currently we have it “hibernating” (like the economy), waiting to have a clear project for its implementation or to be able to adapt to new features such as the one being posing.

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