Gfa is our process manager with workflows. Fully configurable and customizable, it has been designed with accessibility and ease of integration in mind with all kinds of devices and services.

Automatic notifications

Integration with Altitude telephony, incoming and outgoing calls, emails and SMS

Integration with mobile platforms

Plug-in for Outlook

Integration with Microsoft Project Server, SharePoint and O365


Sending Email, SMS and generation of documents in status changes

IoT: Integration with wearable devices

Digital signature


Role privileges

Distribution of information and actions (hide, edit, block) by roles

Microsoft certification

Application Certified by Microsoft and registered in the property registry

Gfa’s automation system allows sending and receiving automatic notifications based on established flows, either in the application itself or in Outlook, executing automatic functions due to a change of state, such as sending emails or calls to external services, and establishing automatic states of expiration.


Direct access to file

Direct access via link to the file details (sending the link by email)

Exhibition of services abroad

Through web pages

External record management

Creation, update and consultation of files from external systems.

Document manager used

Possibility to use Sharepoint or the file system

Gfa offers all the information that is required about the process, allowing you to define what is collected in each flow, screen and status. In addition, it facilitates the generation of follow-up reports as well as the generation and sending of forms (mails, Word, html)


Configurable displays and colors



Our process manager consists of a large number of customizations such as:

Demand manager
Integrated with Microsoft Project Server.
Complete solution of providers and assistance with 2 applicationsmobiles (customer and supplier).
Integrated with Altitude Software.
Taxi services
With mobile applications.
Generic records manager
Check-in / Check-out
Claims manager
Custom order management
Partner management
Customer manager
In case you need more information, we have specific presentations for each implementation.