Development of applications for banking and financial institutions.

Endorsed experience in the financial sector.

At Adding Technology we are providers, with great experience, of outsourcing application services for the banking and financial sector. We have collaborated with major financial companies in creating the technological solutions necessary to compete in a global market.

Adding Technology’s expertise in financial software development includes reporting applications, through which the customer can generate high-quality custom reports in multiple languages.

Among the applications implemented, we highlight, for example, the XBRL reporting tool for the IIC-2009 taxonomy. This enables the delivery of detailed reports to the client with the appropriate presentation quality.

Our offer

Data analysis

Increase revenue and mitigate risks with proper reporting and analysis.

24/7 support

Internet and mobile banking users need to have secured access to their bank accounts 24 hours, 7 days a week and from anywhere.

Application development and maintenance

A digital environment in rapid and constant evolution creates opportunities. At Adding Technology, we create innovative, customized and compatible solutions.

Share Point Portals

For clients and employees alike, information is shared online through Share Point portals in a user-friendly and secure environment.

At Adding Technology, we help banks and financial institutions to:

  • Reduce costs through the use of integrated technological solutions.
  • Decrease the launch times of new generation mobile applications.
  • Guarantee legal and security compliance.
  • Strengthen the trust of clients of financial institutions.