Above customer expectations

We help brands provide personalized service before, during and after a purchase.

The commerce and distribution sector is another one of most affected by the digital transformation. The consumer differentiates less and less between online and offline. It has become more demanding and compares until you find the best service, the best guarantee and, of course, the best price. This forces companies to be prepared not only physically, but also digitally.

Adding Technology implements customized solutions and developments for companies whose main activity is focused on the commerce and distribution of retail products. We have a wide range of solutions dedicated to managing logistics, purchasing, finance, accounting, human resources, production, distribution, POS, collections …

This sector is obliged to tackle the digital transformation of its business model, improve the customer experience and digitize its operations. Mobile, Big Data and cloud services are your great allies to achieve this and at Adding Technology we know this well. It is also essential to take steps to ensure secure payment on the Internet.

Our solutions

Digital transformation

The digitization of information improves the way the organization performs. At Adding Technology we facilitate the reinvention of the Company

Cloud solutions

We focus on building and providing consulting services for large companies and SMEs that plan to start their journey to the Cloud Computing environment.

Application development and maintenance

A digital environment in rapid and constant evolution creates opportunities. At Adding Technology, we create innovative, customized and compatible solutions.