Attention to the digital citizen

The digital channel in citizen service comes to the front.

The Public Administration is also not exempt from undertaking its digital transformation. On the contrary, the new regulatory advances regulate and guarantee the right of citizens to carry out their procedures through the Electronic Administration, something that has not yet been fully complied with.

The different public administrations (central, autonomous and local) must urgently innovate to make the digital channel the preferred one to relating to citizens and also for public employees to carry out their work.

Digital transformation helps the Administration to increase its internal productivity and efficiency, to have more effective Information Technologies (ICT) and to manage its data in an efficient and collaborative way.

At Adding Technology we have extensive experience developing solutions for public administration, both in terms of managing internal processes and serving the citizen. GENERALITAT VALENCIANA is among our main clients.

Our experience


We are committed to develop quality computer applications and we have extensive experience in maintaining software services to ensure optimal performance of our digital solutions.


We offer custom software development services. We know the processes of public institutions and organizations and we apply migration and computer engineering solutions that transform legacy applications into modern solutions adapted to the current environment.

Application development and maintenance

A digital environment in rapid and constant evolution, generate opportunities. At Adding Technology, we create innovative, customized and compatible solutions.



soluciones de software de la Generalitat Valenciana
  • Legislative adaptations and functional improvements of Accounting Information System

    IT service contract for adaptation to legislative changes and development of new functionalities of Accounting Information System supported by the General Sub-Directorate of Tax Information Systems. During the period June 2015 – June 2019. Later expansion until 2021. With a team of 6 people of different profiles full time.

  • New requirements of Accounting Information System

    Computer service contract for the development of new requirements of Accounting Information System supported by the general subdirectorate of tax information systems. During the period June 2012 – June 2015. With a team of 7 people of different profiles full time.

  • Improvements in the new accounting system environment SIP-GV

    Development of functional improvements and incidences of production in the new technological environment of the accounting system SIP-GV (Budgetary Information Systems of Generalitat Valenciana.) And implementation and adaptation to new regulatory requirements. Period 2009 – 2012. With a team of 5 people of different profiles full time.

  • In-app computer services SIP-GV

    Computer design and programming services in the SIP-GV application (Budgetary Information Systems of the Generalitat Valenciana.) Among other functions was the adaptation of the processes of beginning of exercise and settlement to the new technological environment. From 2006 to 2009, with a full-time team of four.


soluciones de software de la Generalitat Valenciana
  • Implementation of GAP (Activity and Request Management)

    GAP, acronym for Management of Activities and Petitions, has been the name with which the project management system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Generalitat Valenciana has been named.

    This system is based on the GFA Project Management nucleus, a nucleus that is registered in the General Registry of Intellectual Property, with seat number 09/2008/2007.

    It allows to manage development and systems tasks of the CSI (Information Systems Center) of the Ministry. In this installation, the application dialogues with Project Server and Sharepoint, so that tasks are created from GAP in Project Server and this streamlines the control of projects and the allocation of assigned resources.

    GAP has been installed since 2006.

soluciones de software de la Generalitat Valenciana
  • HELP implementation: help system

    HELP: Help system has been the name chosen by the Ministry of Education of Generalitat Valenciana for this digital solution that allows managing requests for help or requesting new features within the IT department of the Ministry of Education.

    To speed up the introduction of requests by users, a request registration wizard has been carried out, which, through a series of questions, directs the type of request to the person responsible and the support group, which must attend to the request made. This allows to speed up the assignment of tasks, and the redistribution of work.

    This system is based on GFA core of Activity Management, a core that is registered in the General Registry of Intellectual Property, with entry number 09/2008/2007.

    It has been installed since 2008.