Adding Technology has extensive experience in digitizing waste treatment and recycling systems

We put public administrations in contact with waste managers and citizens themselves using mobile applications and wireless technologies.

Sistemas de tratamiento de residuos


We ensure the traceability of waste, from the moment they are deposited by the customer at clean points, until the waste manager processes it.


Identification by QR and Ibeacon

We are committed to the social responsibility of citizens and we encourage recycling, rewarding the people who recycle the most, for this we use systems that allow us to nominally identify the depositories of waste by means of QR or iBeacons identification and make each citizen aware of their recycling history.



Find the location of the clean points.

The application locates the exact position of the clean points, through Google Maps, so that our customers are informed at all times of where the fixed and mobile clean points are located, and to be able to go to the nearest clean point.


We make personalized dashboards that allow you to see the evolution of quantities and types of waste recycled in the different clean points.