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Technology used by large companies, adjusted to all budgets.

The Cloud Computing or services in the cloud is one of the pillars that is promoting the radical transformation of business and that consists of computer programs of any kind that work in the cloud. It is no longer necessary to install them on computers or buy them, now a rent is paid for their use and they are accessed via the Internet.

The combination of the cloud, together with the apps, has clear advantages over the traditional purchase and installation of software products. The main one, without a doubt, is a considerable saving in the cost of licenses.

Our Cloud option adjusts to the needs of SMEs because it allows access to the full potential of information and communication technologies (TIC) at an affordable price.

With Adding Technology Services it is possible to access competitive information systems without having to have expensive infrastructures or your own IT department.

All our applications and technological solutions can be contracted in the Cloud, a formula that has clear advantages for business.

Cost savings on licenses, maintenance, support and computer equipment

No need to install software on every computer

Always working with the latest version

Ease of use and testing

Are you looking for a technological ally to boost your business?


We are the trusted technology partner. We believe in software engineering products and we know that you need an ally that not only develops them, but also offers comprehensive digital solutions that go from concept and strategy to design, implementation and support to ensure lasting success in the market.

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