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Rigorous quality control of our digital applications and solutions.

We have our own testing system in the software creation processes that ensures an optimal quality level of the product. Early error detection ensures correct software operation for much longer and makes it easier to maintain, saving future costs.

We apply to software, rigorous quality control thanks to the characteristics of our testing services:

Usability review and accessibility tests

This service identifies the use problems that the user will encounter when using your mobile application or website and helps to solve them.

Functionality tests

These tests verify that the software correctly fulfills each and every one of the functions for which it has been designed. Errors and defects are detected and help to correct them.

Performance testing

These tests measure software features and performance and uncover problems, allowing them to be corrected on time, increasing the efficiency and reliability of the product. We use realistic user profiles, transactions and business processes to evaluate the system in full action.

Security testing

Security tests ensure that your software meets all security requirements. They detect system vulnerabilities and fix them, preventing future threats.

Regression testing

These tests verify that the changes made to the software do not affect the modules already tested.

Recovery testing

These tests verify that the software developed responds in a controlled way to sudden interruptions in the system (power outages, network outages …). They guarantee the correct restoration of the system.

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