The adhesion of ADDING TECHNOLOGY to the United Nations Global Agreement, started an approach change in our vision of corporate social responsibility.

Committing ourselves to support the ten principles of the United Nations Global Agreement that address the most important aspects of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, which are the fundamental principles that as a team and as a company are fully shared. By adhering to them we assume the commitment to promote them among all professionals who, for whatever reason, are related to ADDING.

ADDING’s adhesion to the Global Agreement, commits us that on a day-to-day basis, we show our commitment to equity and loyalty towards all our collaborators: Clients, suppliers, professionals and civil society where we are carrying out our functions.

After undertaking, mainly during 2015, a digital transformation of the organization and business processes at ADDING, we have complemented the business vision and mission with the vision of a social responsibility consistent with society and the world we share. Corporate social responsibility allows us to have a different vision of the company: through its social and environmental responsibility, its solidarity commitment, its relationship with the market and the integration of all the parties involved.

Our main objective is to guarantee our economic development while considering our impact on the economy both locally and at more global levels. Companies, regardless of their size, are responsible for contributing to the construction of a sustainable world. It is therefore the first of our demands in our daily activity and that we must involve and share with suppliers and our collaborators because this way we will all accommodate a more efficient and sustainable economic group.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our ethics

ADDING TECHNOLOGY, S.A. since its inception, was adhered to the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of Software Engineering of the IEEE Computer Society / ACM, and its version in Spain of x Professional Ethics Code of ATI (Association of Computer Technicians), disseminating it among all employees. and accepting compliance with said code.

After addressing, mainly during 2015, a digital transformation of the organization and business processes in ADDING, we have seen it essential to add an Ethics Code of Conduct in accordance with the social reality we live in, so that it not only contemplates the values ​​and the observance of the requirements of the computer professional, but that the ethical and behavioral values ​​and compliance with current legislation are present, which transcend purely professional ethics.